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PYG 164 - Branding yourself when you RESENT what you USED TO LOVE about your brand

June 2, 2022

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Let me be honest for a second.


I have encouraged clients to make themselves visible for YEARS. But some time ago, I began to question the point of it all.


Yes. I had to sit with the truth of how tiresome visibility actually was - even for me.


With all of the other issues in the world competing for my mental space and emotional energy, constantly courting the spotlight became exhausting. 


(You can see how problematic this could be for a visibility strategist’s business model…)


At a certain point I concluded that if incessantly sharing was the key to me having a profitable business, I would have to shut my business down.


I was going to have to learn how to make my brand discoverable and compelling without creating a ton of extra work.


I was going to have to learn how to connect with those who needed my work WITHOUT creating yet another ferris wheel on which to exhaust myself.


Or else, my business as I knew it was a wrap.


Fortunately, I didn’t have to shut things down.

But I did come up with some parameters around how I show up.

And it changed how I began to advise my busy, high-achieving, often introverted clients to show up when the world around them is so uncertain.

I'm calling these parameters my "New Rules of Visibility."

In short, they are:

  • RULE #1: Honor your season and your current capacity. Don't contribute to your own burnout by making yourself a slave to a social media posting schedule. You are not a machine.
  • RULE #2: Quality over quantity. Seek to share in order to connect and resonate with your audience instead of sharing for sharing's sake. Share your newsworthy news.
  • RULE #3: Leave long-lasting breadcrumbs. A durable trail of high-quality content can help newcomers get up to speed quickly on who you are. Social media trends like reels are fun, but long-lasting stories placed strategically will get you sooooo much more mileage as a thought leader and won't wear you out in the long run.


As you may imagine, solid storytelling is a key component of the new rules.

Instead of sharing gratuitously, we are popping up to the surface to share memorable insights that actually help others make sense of our current world.

We’re stepping into the spotlight to share the moments that create connection instead of add to the noise.

And we’re able to do it without wearing ourselves out.

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Whatever has changed for you during the upheaval of the last two years, it’s probably time to reintroduce yourself.

And it's time to do that in a way that takes into account the way your life, responsibilities, and perspective on your purpose has changed.

Because nothing is the same.

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