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PYG 163 - What happens when you have to disappear, regroup, and communicate your COMEBACK?

May 18, 2022

Sometimes, you have to disappear for a while...

It can feel oddly vulnerable to disappear from public view - whether your version of public view is social media, a public speaking circuit, or the networking rooms for your industry.

But EVERYONE disappears at some point - whether they leave a job, lose a job, have a baby, bury a parent, shutter their business, lose their motivation, or like me, succumb to burnout.

In the past two years, so many of us have had to step out of the spotlight. We’ve had to leave and return and sometimes, turn around and leave again.

A client disappeared online because he left the job industry and professional identity he’d held for nearly a decade and started a new entrepreneurial venture. He didn’t know how to share that news.

I’ve disappeared personally and candidly due to burnout, depression, and being just plain exhausted.  After having a baby and tending to my older kids and trying to evade COVID, it’s been a lot.  I had to take care of myself and sadly that meant I had to deprioritize coming here and sharing with you.

While circumstances among us may vary, a lot of the mental chatter we experience when going through that revolving door is universal.

On the occasion of your return, you wonder: Will people still care or be curious about what I’m up to? Are they still there? Do they even remember who I am? will I let people know that I’m BACK?

I'm hosting a new workshop called  Resonance & Relevance on June 03, 2022 at 12pm EST and I hope you can join me live. This workshop is for you if you’ve been struggling to reintroduce yourself to your network after stepping away from the spotlight for whatever reason, and you want to learn a simple way to put yourself back on people's minds.

Register for Resonance & Relevance at

or on Crowdcast here.



But whether you join me or not, remember this:
It’s NEVER too late for you to make a comeback.

It's good to BE BACK. Thanks for listening.

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