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PYG 157 - Land a mainstream BOOK DEAL to explode your personal brand

November 3, 2020

You can land a mainstream book deal during a pandemic without a huge following... 🤯🤯🤯

After working together in our PYGA Agency program this spring and summer, our longtime client and academy alum Amber Cabral, a diversity consultant and Fortune 500 trainer, landed a mainstream book deal with Wiley Press. It all happened really fast - Amber wrote the book over the summer and it will be released on November 17 in just a few weeks.

Since preorders are such a huge piece of helping books do well, we're excited to host an invitation-only master class for those who preorder the book this week. Amber will join Jeanenne Ray, acquisitions editor at Wiley Books in a conversation about mainstream publishing and what you can do to position yourself if landing a book deal as an expert is on your to-do list.

​We’ll be discussing how Amber caught the attention of a major publisher this year, what publishers are looking for RIGHT NOW, and how YOU can potentially land a book deal WITHOUT a huge social media following.

​If you are looking to explode your personal brand through a traditionally published book, this exclusive closed-door conversation is happening Thursday, November 5 at 2pm ET.


How can you join?

To register, you simply need to preorder Allies and Advocates, provide proof that you preordered the book in the last week, and fill in this form by Wednesday. On Thursday morning we'll send you details to access the private Zoom training. 

If you’ve already preordered, please grab ANOTHER copy to gift to a friend or colleague. We want to drive as many preorders as possible before the book is released on Nov. 17!

If you’re looking to peek behind the curtains of how to land a book deal and learn how you can position YOURSELF for mainstream publishing, don’t miss this conversation!!!

On another note, if you're interested in learning some of the same strategies we've shared with Amber over the years - the ones that have helped her become a recurring expert on Fast Company, land a mainstream publishing deal, and grow her business to multiple six figures from zero figures just to name a few, understand that she started out in our 12-week visibility academy. Amber shows up and does the work - she outgrinds everyone AND she's obedient in that she implements what we tell her to do, so her results speak to that. If you're looking for that kind of transformation, I invite you to apply to Package Your Genius Academy.  Apply Here >> Application

This cohort will work a little differently from previous groups.

First, I'll be infusing much of my new PURPOSESCAPING philosophy into the curriculum, so we're covering some brand new stuff!

Second, I'm committed to a six-month journey instead of three.

More time together means more opportunities to go deep with my team and I, more chances to implement, more chances to get feedback on your brand-building assignments, and more time for the lessons to crystallize.

I've noticed that when I bring dynamic groups together to embark on a journey like this, we're unstoppable.

If you're ready to move from doing the work you CAN do to the work you were BORN to do without losing revenue or credibility, submit your application this week and we'll be in touch!


That's all for now - I hope to see you in our session with the acquisitions editor at Wiley. If you're a subject matter expert, I believe there has never been a better time to put your ideas out there. It's our time. Let's go!


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Apply to Package Your Genius Academy >> Apply Here

Preorder Allies and Advocates >> Preorder Here

Sign up for the Conversation with Wiley Press >> Register Here

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